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Transform your living or working space with our efficient and reliable Reticulation System, designed to provide safe and uninterrupted gas supply. Experience the convenience of having gas available at all times, without any interruptions. Invest in a better and safer gas solution for your home or workplace, and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are getting the best in the market.

Auto Gas

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Maximize potential of your infrastructure with high-quality Bitumen products from Universal Gas Limited. Our products are designed to ensure long-lasting and reliable results for your roads, bridges and other projects.


Experience reliable and convenient gas supply with Universal Gas Limited's range of high-quality gas cylinders for both residential and industrial use. Our cylinder products meet industry standards and customer needs, ensuring a safe and efficient gas supply for all your needs.

LP Gas Dealer In Bangladesh: Go for it!

We have been using conventional pipeline-based gas in Bangladesh for a time. However, we can no longer rely on that because of the rising demand and limited supply. LPG has shown itself as a wise alternative. The sector is now more competitive as a result of the declaration of LPG as the major fuel. A lot of successful new businesses have entered the LPG market, making it challenging to select an LP gas dealership in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, there are already more than 30 LPG bottling businesses and providers of industrial gas. Each of those has unique traits and strategies for dealing with customers and companies. Therefore, you should choose a supplier extremely carefully whether you are a customer or a businessperson. You will require sufficient domain knowledge.

Choosing A LP Gas Dealer In Bangladesh:

You might be wondering, as a typical customer, if it really is so difficult to choose one LPG cylinder from a group. If you don't consider the repercussions, the task doesn't seem all that difficult. However, it starts to make sense when you consider the repercussions of making the incorrect choice. If you don't pay close attention when selecting the best source for you, you could endanger both yourself and the area around you. Selecting a certain supplier is difficult because of the market's growing number of rivals. It gets more difficult when you buy gas in large quantities from a dealer because you have to take several factors into account. You may distinguish between the distributors using these qualities and traits. It encourages you to make more educated choices as a consumer. The stakes for firms are still larger than those for consumers. Therefore, you might want to take the following aspects into account if you're seeking for reliable industrial gas suppliers in Bangladesh.

Price & Facilities

The association of price with consumer and business purchase is constant. Whether you purchase an LPG cylinder or tanker for your household or industry, you have to consider the price for achieving monetary efficiency. The price range of LPG cylinders is quite unpredictable. It fluctuates very frequently. (changes generally in every month based on international CP price) So, differentiating dealerships and suppliers based on price may not be that much helpful. But, you should always compare the available prices. In recent days, the government itself regulates the price of LPG in the market. So, if you are a dealer of a certain LPG company, you should always try to go with the higher quality yet reasonably priced LPG cylinders. However, the choice should largely be based on the facilities the suppliers provide. Many suppliers provide value-added services and extra incentives to consumers and businesses. You may consider those. The trend of sales incentives for dealers and online purchases, free home delivery, etc. for consumers is being promoted lately. These are good facilities that as an informed customer you may want to grab.

LPG In High Demand!

LPG is becoming increasingly common for both domestic and industrial use as the era of pipelined gas draws to a close. Many consumers and businesses have been compelled to shift to LPG because of the inconsistent gas supply. Despite the fact that demand for LPG has surged in recent years. The supply hasn't shown itself to be sufficient. The current LPG demand is roughly in the neighborhood of 1 million tons. Last year, there were also 1 million LPGs available overall. There is an overstock situation right now rather than a scarcity on the market. Being heavily reliant on imports, the LPG industry is very challenging to regulate. Even with price increases, there is still a rising demand for LPG. Many businesses and homes have shifted entirely to LPG. So, there are now much more LP gas dealerships in Bangladesh. LPG providers are also considering the supply of industrial gas. Additionally, the government supports emerging LPG businesses. Therefore, it is anticipated that industrial gas suppliers and LPG companies would continue to multiply in Bangladesh during the next years.


Safety is the utmost priority while deciding on an LP gas dealership in Bangladesh. So, never compromise with the safety of the cylinders. Before choosing a supplier you must tap into their LPG production procedure. Many companies are still lagging in using advanced technologies to ensure safety. You should check if the company maintains international standards while manufacturing the cylinders or not. For 12 kg cylinders, DOT 4BA 240 and 35 kg cylinders, DOT 4BW 240 specification standards should be followed. The raw materials used for manufacturing the cylinders should be scrutinized as well. The steel materials should be imported from reputed producers to ensure longevity. Also, the outer body thickness should be regulated. Remember to check the valve quality as well as the anti-rust coating the manufacturers are using. Rusting can damage the integrity of the cylinder and a faulty valve can lead to very concerning gas leakage. 7 3

Future of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

The prospect for both LPG consumers and dealers in upcoming years are forecasted to be very good. As the demand for LPG is skyrocketing, the business opportunities in the LPG industry are increasing at a rapid pace. As the government intervention to control price hikes is being frequent in the LPG market, the market instability is decreasing. So, it is a piece of great news for LPG consumers. The less instability the less sudden price rise. The govt. is also encouraging market entry for new LPG companies. The new companies with newer technology will focus on building native manufacturing facilities. So, the dealerships will be able to get LPG at a lower price.