Cost Efficent.

"Save money and cook with ease with Universal LPG's cost-efficient gas supply."

Convenient to use.

"Enjoy the convenience of clean and reliable cooking with Universal LPG's easy-to-use gas supply."

Ensuring User Safety.

"Stay safe while cooking with Universal LPG's secure and trustworthy gas supply."

Uninterrupted supply.

"Never run out of gas in the middle of cooking with Universal LPG's uninterrupted gas supply."

01. What is Reticulation System?

Reticulation system is the process where gsas can be suppplied to kitchen, industry or anywhere needed through Gas Bank or Storage Tank in a saftey & most convenient way

02.3-Stage Security Factor

If the 1st stage of security got damaged, the 2nd stage will projtect the whole system. If anything goes wrong with the 2nd stage, the 3rd stage meter will be protecting the system when you can be secure & worry free. If the temperature of the header reaches 60 degree Celsius, it will be released by the “Saftey Relieve Value’’

03.What We Offer?

  • LPG Storage Solutions
  • Quick & efficient project execution.
  • Top quality system design & engineering.
  • Safe practices to go with robust safety features.
  • Customized design & pre-fabricated Cylinder Reticulation.
  • Pipeline design, construction, installation & commissioning.
  • Minmal operation, execution & maintenance costs of installation.
  • Use of industry best specifications fully conforming to statutory guidelines.
  • Cyclinder Reticulation System for both Liquid Off Take(LOT) & vapor off Take (VOT)

05.LPG Reticulation System got you Covered!!!

One step solutin for your Home & Industry Use

In case of not having the natural line of gas, LPG Reticulation system will provided you the ultimate support whether you are at home, pffice or industrial enviroment. The gas will be passing though a network of pipeline from a centralized manifold system which is more secured & convenient. The installation process is really simpla and it is engineered to be safe and reliable.

Industrial Solution

Residential Solution