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Universal LP Gas

Universal Gas & Gas Cylinder Limited

Universal Gas & Gas Cylinder Limited (UGGCL) was incorporated in Bangladesh in 2012 under the companies act. 1994. Universal LP Gas Ltd. (UGGCL) is an iconic entity of the pioneering business conglomerate of the country, Universal Group. Universal Gas & Gas Cylinder Limited is one of the leading distributors of LP Gas in Bangladesh. At one of the largest distribution networks in Bangladesh, we have revolutionized LPG distribution and played an important role in the consumer segment, including industrial, commercial, domestic and automated LPG. Our LPG products and solutions are used in different capacities in different industries. We provide turnkey solutions for high volume commercial use. Our state-of-the-art facilities and distribution network ensures secure, mobile and timely delivery. Universal gas & gas cylinders limited supplies LPG 12 kg, 35 kg and 45 kg cylinders, Autogas, LPG reticulated system & Bulk LPG solution. Universal Gas & Gas Cylinder Limited maintain European standards in manufacturing and bottling which ensures the promise of providing high safety standards. With efficient heating technology, portability and portability, our excellent customer service makes it a convenient option for customers. Each cylinder is marketed with an imported valve, branded safety cap and security seal. Universal gas and gas cylinders limited conduct large scale industrial activities as well. Our team of engineers and consultants accept challenges and provide solutions based on the technical, logistics and custom needs of your factory. Our team is trained and has a wealth of knowledge in the LPG sector, all of which are uniquely equipped to answer our customers' questions and provide efficient solutions. However, the operational expertise of Universal Gas & Gas Cylinder Limited has been made possible by the commitment of our team of technical and non-technical staff who are inspired by the mantra of excellence, teamwork and customer excellence of universal gas & gas cylinder limited. Service over the years, they have consolidated their position through quality and secure products, the scale of production, after-sales service and an extensive distribution network. Universal gas and gas cylinders limited are one of the leading LPG players in Bangladesh importing, storing, bottling, marketing, distributing and selling LPG throughout Bangladesh.

Universal group presently has following entity under its name:Universal Agency M.S Enterprise, Universal Gas & Gas Cylinder Ltd. AMB Traders Pvt. Ltd. US Energy & Power Pvt. Ltd. Global Survey & Inspection Company, Universal Refueling Station. Together with these concerns the annual turnover of the company was very much favorable in last year which is expected to rise in manifold in upcoming year with the commercial operation of the LPG import & storage terminal which is all set and started its commercial operation since June 2019.

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