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US Energy & Power Private Limited was incorporated in Bangladesh in 2016. US Energy & Power Private Limited is proud of its long and storied legacy and its wide-ranging impact on Bangladesh's infrastructure and economy. Our motto is to enter into sectors which we believe will support the development of our country. The choice of our sectors reflects the group’s aim to move the country forward and allow it to be globally recognized. Bangladesh has to meet the increasing energy demand to alleviate poverty in line with vision 2021 and to achieve the Millennium development goals. In our quest to serve the country’s energy needs and to add further value, we are executing the petro refinery complex. US ENERGY & POWER PRIVATE LIMITED is a professional energy services and solutions provider addressing electricity and energy challenges by improving access to and promoting the adoption of clean and energy-efficient technologies. Our company is setting the pace to realize the development of a green economy with low emissions, resource efficiency and social inclusivity. This is being achieved through the efforts of our knowledge-driven team and network of internationally qualified experts within the fields of renewable energy technologies sustainable development and engineering. We are dedicated to creating sustainable solutions and enriching lives by reducing energy poverty and providing long-lasting and consistent solutions for households, businesses and communities.

COMPANY’S HISTORY Throughout the history of the company, US Energy & Power Private Limited Is recognized for quality Aggregates, Bitumen, Quarries and asphalt products. BITUMEN The company stated in the first bitumen decanting plant at kaichutty, chodogram, Comilla has facilities for both bag bitumen & drum bitumen decanting. Bitumen is a binding organic material made from the by-products of refined crude oil. It is widely used in road construction because it is easy to produce, reusable, non-toxic, and has a strong binder. As Bangladesh is largely dependent on imported bitumen, the first-ever private sector venture by US Energy & Power Private Limited Will be able to produce approx. 150,000 tons of bitumen and asphalt annually. According to various success, Bangladesh’s monthly bitumen demand is around 42,000 tons while the demand is growing at an average rate of 10-15 % a year. In addition to producing commonly used penetration grades of road bitumen, US Energy & Power Private Limited Bitumen or asphalt plant has the facility to produce premium modified grades of bitumen upon demand. The plant can produce bitumen grades such as cutback, emulsified, oxidized and polymer (SBS, rubber powder) and customized as per the client’s required specifications. Also, usual penetration grades (60-70/80-100) and modified grades can be produced and supplied upon demand from this plant. Drum production and filling facilities along with bulk loading facilities are being constructed to facilitate an efficient distribution system from the plant. Apart from this, fuel oil and some other by-products produced in the plant will be sold or disposed of to appropriate clientele. US Energy & Power Private Limited Bitumen plant has been built with state-of-the-art technology and the producer has the plan to export bitumen after meeting local demand. HOT MIX ASPHALT US Energy & Power Private Limited is one of the leading producers of hot mix asphalt in Bangladesh. Roads are perhaps the most visible manifestation of Bangladesh's infrastructure. In 2016 alone, Bangladesh Roads carried people and goods over three trillion miles. With more than a million miles of roads crisscrossing the Bangladesh and billions of dollars spent annually to maintain, improve, and build US highways and byways, asphalt is in high demand. And US Energy & Power Private Limited Is well-positioned to meet that demand. US Energy & Power Private Limited is one of the leading producers of hot mix asphalt in Bangladesh. Our hot mix asphalt is cost-efficient and extraordinarily reliable. Asphalt is the most sustainable paving material available for the construction of long-lasting highways, airport runways, parking lots, and driveways. Our asphalt mixes are 100% recyclable. Bangladesh roads & highway authorities estimate that for each dollar spent on road, highway, and bridge improvements taxpayers enjoy a return of $5.20! Here’s how: Smoother roadways lower vehicle maintenance costs. New highways decrease delays and reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Well-maintained roadways improve safety. STONE CHIPS (AGGREGATES) After water, aggregates are the most utilized product in the world. Aggregates, generally consisting of crushed stone, gravel, and sand, are mainly used in the construction of roads, rail track beds, the manufacturing of concrete, concrete products, and asphalt. Discover US Energy & Power Private Limited High-value aggregates and solutions for building and infrastructure projects available in our country. Aggregates are rock fragments extracted from fluvial deposits as in the case of natural sand and gravel or quarried from hard rock formations. The extracted materials are then processed by crushing, shaping, and screening, including washing where required, into final products. The processed aggregates can be combined with cement materials in the manufacturing of concrete or bitumen as a binder in the production of asphalt. Aggregates solutions available at US Energy & Power Private Limited Can be divided into two main categories: • Primary natural aggregates, extracted from hard rock quarries and deposits of sand and gravel. • Alternative aggregates, consisting of recycled concrete and secondary aggregates from other industrial waste, such as mining waste, slag, and ash. • Whatever the application, US Energy & Power Private Limited ensures all aggregates products are of the best quality in terms of particle shape, durability, and resistance to weathering. As a result, US customers can rely on the performance of US Energy & Power Private Limited Aggregates. Aggregates are at the foundation of Bangladesh communities. • Building communities from the ground up. • We enable progress by helping to build and maintain the communities in which we operate. • An average-sized home requires 100 tons of crushed stone. • Schools and hospitals require 15,000 tons of crushed stone. • 1 mile of US-lane interstate requires 85,000 tons. • 99% of the crushed stone mining in an area stays in that community. Sample of available aggregate products US Energy & Power Private Limited offers various grades of crushed limestone products and sand and gravel for use in manufacturing, construction, landscaping, and other applications. Most products are approved for use by various federal agencies, dots, cities and counties. • Fines (#10 screenings, manufactured sand, natural sand) • Typical sizing: ¼” down • Applications: asphalt, concrete and block, backfill for pipe, agricultural Base stone (crusher run, aggregate base, pug mix) • Typical sizing: 1 1/2” down • Applications: road base, backfill, driveway, soil stabilization Graded products (including #1, #2, #3, #57, #67, #7, #8 and others) • Typical sizing: 3” material down to ¼” • Applications: asphalt, concrete and block, driveway, construction entrances, backfill, ballast and drainage • Riprap (surge stone, shot rock, dot-specified sizes) • Typical sizing: 6″ to 30″ Applications: slope and shorelines stabilization, site development, channel lining and landscaping READY-MIX CONCRETE UNIT Concrete technology is a vast technology in terms of its behaviour against dissimilar mixing of coarse and fine aggregate, and cement materials for different grades in different weather conditions. We, US Energy & Power Private Limited have a long period of civil construction experience and have been facing a lot of difficulties to produce quality products for different projects. Cement Concrete, Asphalt concrete had had our common practised items in our long journey in the construction industry of Bangladesh. To share our gathered experience to the clients in the quality concrete product, ensuring a better environment in client’s construction premises and no risk in buying client desired products regarding concrete from us. On the other end, we will create technical job employment opportunities for the future young generations for their prosperous life, ensuring proper in-house training by the experienced team. Why US Energy & Power Private Limited Ready Mix Concrete unit is the best? • Consistent quality assurance through proper control over the highest quality of cement grade, aggregate size, shape and gradation maintaining proper ratio of water, cement and all other ingredients. • Less wastage of basic raw materials. • Remarkably cost-effective even after keeping the high quality. • Allows the customer to handle mass concrete casting in the shortest period. • A controlled production mechanism ensures safe work practices at construction sites. • Less project completion time. Specialities of US Energy & Power Private Limited Ready Mix Concrete unit • Assurance of accurate measurement • Own supply chain management for procurement of boulder stone chips, sands and other raw materials • Own supply chain management for procurement of boulder stone chips, sands and other raw materials • 100% transparent cylinder testing process from randomly collected samples at plants and sites • Use the best quality and world-class construction chemicals to keep promises of serving you better IMPORTANT STAKEHOLDERS • MAX Group • POSCO • China Railway Engineering Corporation • E-Engineering Ltd (A concern of Saif Power Group) • Spectra Engineers Limited • Concord Pragatee Consortium Ltd. • Equity Property Management Limited • TEXMACO RAIL & ENGINEERING LTD. • EFKON INDIA PVT. LTD. • China Harbor Engineering Company • The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC) VISION US Energy & Power Private Limited Sustainably provides quality energy and electricity. The vision of US Energy & Power Private Limited is aligned with the vision of the shareholder: “A world-class energy utility” Our vision is to be recognized as one of the top 5 energy & power companies in Asia, distinguished by quality, innovation and professionalism MISSION Our mission is to provide clean energy services and solutions that contribute to the development of a resource-efficient, energy-rich green economy The mission of US Energy & Power Private Limited is to meet the expectations of Bangladesh customers and stakeholders by: • providing sustainable, affordable, safe and reliable energy supply, • providing prompt and efficient customer services, • being the preferred equal opportunity employer by developing and incentivizing US employees, • undertaking Bangladesh business in an environmentally acceptable manner. •Sustain Leadership in energy conservation, efficiency, productivity and innovation. •Capitalize on emerging opportunities in the domestic market. •Maintain global standards in health, safety and environmental norms with a strong commitment toward community welfare. •Continuing focus on employee welfare and employee relations. •Imbibe the highest standards of business ethics and values. •Our primary responsibility is to develop and add value to the national resource. •Our objective is to contribute to the well-being of the people and the nation. VALUES To be the market leader amongst the Refinery and Petrochemical Companies in Bangladesh, with a strong emphasis on Productivity, Customer Satisfaction, Safety, Health and Environment Management, Corporate Social Responsibility and Care for Employees & Shareholders. Our core values are distinguished by quality, integrity, professionalism And environmental stewardship The aspired values of US Energy & Power Private Limited Are to be: • Resourceful, • Resilient, • Reliable, • Respectful, • service delivery with integrity.

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