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Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG or LP Gas) refers to a gaseous hydrocarbon mix of compounds containing primarily propane (C3) and butane (C4). The gases are compressed to liquid form for better transportability. The liquefied state can be achieved through processing at ambient temperature, refrigeration at atmospheric pressure, or a combination of both. Although, the pressure required to liquefy the vapour is relatively low, allowing easy storage of the liquid gas in pressurized vessels at ambient temperature. When released, the LPG reverts to its gaseous state. Since LPG is an odourless & colourless substance, a potent odorant (Ethyl Mercaptan) is added in a small amount for easier detectability. • Doesn’t create ash, smoke or soot, making it easier to keep the cooking area clean and resulting in low maintenance of cooking stove. • It has a high calorific value and burns efficiently, resulting in less cooking time • Easy to store and transport • Portability ensures that it can be used both indoors and outdoor, unlike fixed natural gas connections. • It has an indefinite shelf life and does not deteriorate over time. • Visible flame that can be easily controlled. • LPG is a cleaner fuel with very low emission levels and therefore will have a significantly less negative impact on the environment. It is also not water-soluble and does not pollute the soil or underground water sources. Safety tips • Always store your LPG cylinder in an upright position and away from combustible products/materials. • Properly ventilate the LPG cylinder storage area. • Always keep your regulator valve closed when not in use and during the night. • Do not tamper with the cylinder, hose, regulator valve and other related equipment, and ensure that they are only repaired by an authorised professional when needed. • Store cylinders away from direct sunlight. • Check the safety cap and safety seal when purchasing LPG cylinders. • LPG is an efficient and clean energy source that is used safely by millions of households across the world for their everyday needs. Here are some tips to enable you to safely and effectively make use of LPG for your household energy needs.

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