We are working hard to ensure healthy products for a perfectly healthy life for customers through innovation processes.

Mission, Vision & Values

Mission : Our mission is to become the most trusted, admired and leading LPG solutions provider in the energy sector of Bangladesh with smart, innovative & safe products along with best-in-class customer service.

VISION: We believe that we Bangladeshis deserve more. We believe that everyone's basic needs must be met. Thus, our vision is not only limited to becoming the premiere LPG provider in the country but also to enriching the lives of every LPG user in Bangladesh by ensuring they enjoy the safest, smartest and most convenient LPG solution always. Thus, protecting the environment and saving the valuable natural resources of our nation. VALUES: At UNIVERSAL LP GAS, we put customers, employees & the environment at the centre. Continually improving the human resources, customer service, operational excellence, quality and environmental friendliness of LPG solutions are at the core of UNIVERSAL LP GAS values. We are committed to complying with safety, environmental and quality standards at all times.

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