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Universal Gas & Gas Cylinder Limited (UGGCL) was incorporated in Bangladesh in 2012 under the companies act. 1994. Universal LP Gas Ltd. (UGGCL) is an iconic entity of the pioneering business conglomerate of the country, Universal Group. Universal Gas & Gas Cylinder Limited is one of the leading distributors of LP Gas in Bangladesh. At one of the largest distribution networks in Bangladesh, we have revolutionized LPG distribution and played an important role in the consumer segment, including industrial, commercial, domestic and automated LPG. Our LPG products and solutions are used in different capacities in different industries. We provide turnkey solutions for high-volume commercial use. Our state-of-the-art facilities and distribution network ensures secure, mobile and timely delivery. Universal gas & gas cylinders limited supplies LPG 12 kg, 35 kg and 45 kg cylinders, Autogas, LPG reticulated system & Bulk LPG solution. Universal Gas & Gas Cylinder Limited maintain European standards in manufacturing and bottling which ensures the promise of providing high safety standards. With efficient heating technology, portability and portability, our excellent customer service makes it a convenient option for customers. Each cylinder is marketed with an imported valve, branded safety cap and security seal. Universal Gas & Gas Cylinder Limited to conduct large-scale industrial activities as well. Our team of engineers and consultants accept challenges and provide solutions based on the technical, logistics and custom needs of your factory. Our team is trained and has a wealth of knowledge in the LPG sector, all of which are uniquely equipped to answer our customers' questions and provide efficient solutions. However, the operational expertise of Universal Gas & Gas Cylinder Limited has been made possible by the commitment of our team of technical and non-technical staff who are inspired by the mantra of excellence, teamwork and customer excellence of universal gas & gas cylinder limited. Service over the years, they have consolidated its position through quality and secure products, the scale of production, after-sales service and an extensive distribution network. Universal gas and gas cylinders limited are one of the leading LPG players in Bangladesh importing, storing, bottling, marketing, distributing and selling LPG throughout Bangladesh.

BIGGEST DISTRIBUTION NETWORK Universal LP Gas now runs the country’s widest LPG distribution chain, thanks to its strong business bond with distributors countrywide. The large storage facility, highest production capacity, satellite plants, sales depot in key districts of the country and its inimitable ability to maintain the supreme product quality ensured by its well-equipped lab have already put the brand in a leading position with the largest market share. To ensure an uninterrupted distribution around Bangladesh, the company has its self-owned Road Tankers and Customized Delivery Trucks to make sure products reach the farthest point of its delivery network. ZINC COATING AND POWDER PAINTING Universal LP Gas cylinders ensure ZINC coating to make the cylinders rust-proof. By maintaining the 80 micron standard Universal ensures the powder painting on the cylinder body. This makes the colour attractive and durable. MAXIMUM BODY THICKNESS Universal LP Gas Cylinders are made as per the design cod of American Standard Specifications (DOT-4BA-240) using quality raw materials. That ensures the maximum body thickness. It gives optimum safety during the movement of cylinders. PERFECT WEIGHT GUARANTEED Universal LP Gas Cylinders get cleaned regularly with proper maintenance procedures, and beyond that, they go through repeated checks. That’s why no residue can gather at the bottom layer of the cylinder and users get the exact amount of gas every time. RE-TESTING IN REGULAR INTERVALS Universal LP Gas cylinders are regularly re-tested and put through proper maintenance procedures. The date and details of maintenance are then engraved on the body of each cylinder to ensure cylinder safety. THE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION LPG - Liquefied petroleum gas LPG is the abbreviation or short form for liquefied petroleum gas. Like all fossil fuels, it is a non-renewable source of energy. It is extracted from crude oil and natural gas. The main composition of LPG is hydrocarbons containing three or four carbon atoms. The normal components of LPG thus, are propane (C3H8) and butane (C4H10). Small concentrations of other hydrocarbons may also be present. Depending on the source of the LPG and how it has been produced, components other than hydrocarbons may also be present. LPG is a gas at atmospheric pressure and normal ambient temperatures, but it can be liquefied when moderate pressure is applied or when the temperature is sufficiently reduced. It can be easily condensed, packaged, stored and utilized, which makes it an ideal energy source for a wide range of applications. Normally, the gas is stored in liquid form under pressure in a steel container, cylinder or tank. The pressure inside the container will depend on the type of LPG (commercial butane or commercial propane) and the outside temperature. When you start using LPG, some of the pressure in the container is released. Some of the liquid LPG then boils to produce vapour. Heat is needed to convert the liquid to vapour (known as the latent heat of vaporization). As the liquid boils, it draws the heat energy from its surroundings. This explains why containers feel cold to touch and why, if there is a heavy off-take, water or ice may appear on the container. When you stop using LPG, the pressure will return to the equilibrium value for the surrounding temperature. The pressure of the LPG in the container varies with the surrounding temperature. It is also much higher than is needed by the appliances that use it; it needs to be controlled to ensure a steady supply at constant pressure. This is done by a regulator, which limits the pressure to suit the appliance that is being fuelled. It is a colourless and odourless gas to which foul-smelling mercaptan is added so that leak can be easily detected. LPG is highly inflammable and must therefore be stored away from sources of ignition and in a well-ventilated area so that any leak can disperse safely. Another reason why care should be taken during storage is that LPG vapour is heavier than air, so any leakage will sink to the ground and accumulate in low-lying areas and may be difficult to disperse. LPG expands rapidly when its temperature rises. So whenever a container is filled, sufficient space is left to allow for such expansion. LPG will cause natural rubber and some plastics to deteriorate. This is why only hoses and other equipment specifically designed for LPG should be used. GAS CYLINDER Universal Gas & Gas Cylinder Limited provides 35 kg/45 kg cylinders: these cylinders are mainly for commercial uses like industries, restaurants and as well as for high-rise buildings (without gas connection) provided by us. This 35 kg /45 kg cylinder serves the best for industrial as it requires less frequent refilling and mass usage. Universal Gas & Gas Cylinder Limited also has a 12 kg cylinder for domestic uses. Most household uses 12 kg cylinders for their cooking purpose as it is very much handy than the other sources of cooking. We also assist with technical support (if required) to our customers by our efficient engineers. LPG Reticulation System Reticulated System is the latest and safest centralized storage (cylinder bank or bulk tank) system for uninterrupted gas supply for large real estate housings, commercial buildings, industries etc. UNIVERSAL LPG adheres to the highest standards of quality and safety while conforming to all statutory guidelines. Armed with technical expertise, experience and professionalism, we offer customized LPG storage solutions including design, installation, set up and commissioning to suit your project needs. Our professional team will ensure that you have the safest installation at your premises and our robust supply chain will ensure that you never run out of LPG. Advantages of Reticulated system: Uninterrupted supply Free from refill booking & reminders for gas cylinders Secured from explosion No floor damage from rolling of the cylinders No waste of valuable kitchen space 100% safe LPG supplied at optimum pressure to Kitchen/end user’s point Saving time & money (1)RETICULATED SYSTEM WITH CYLINDER BANK: Cylinder Bank consists of multiple cylinders arranged in two manifolds, where one manifold is active and another is kept on standby as a backup. Once the active manifold cylinders are empty, the standby manifold will run and empty cylinders will be replaced with filled ones. The reticulated system with Cylinder Bank can provide LPG to Residential Apartment, Housing Society, Ceramic Industries, Food Processing, Manufacturing industries, Dryers, Boilers, Welding sections etc. and high-pressure LP gas required machinery (2)RETICULATED SYSTEM WITH BULK TANKS: Whenever monthly LPG Consumption exceeds 1000 KG, it is proposed to have a bulk storage facility. The bulk storage facility is called Bullet Tank solution. Large-scale industries where huge consumption is required are the main users of the Bulk storage facility. The sizes of the tanks required are based on the peak consumption of LPG. All the designs of Bulk Storage are as per the standard codes. The storage tanks are equipped with all standard accessories like Rochester gauge, Remote operated valves, Regulators, Excess flow check valves, Gauges, vaporizers, Instruments & controls panel etc. WHAT WE OFFER: LPG Storage Solutions – Cylinder Reticulation System for both Liquid off Take (LOT) and Vapour off Take Pipeline design, construction, installation and commissioning Top-quality systems design and engineering Use of industry-best specifications fully conforming to statutory guidelines Quick and efficient project execution Customized design and pre-fabricated Cylinder Reticulation Safe practices to go with robust safety features Minimal operation, execution and maintenance costs of installation AUTOGAS AutoGas is the next best fuel alternative fuel for cars, other than petrol. Many developed countries around the world have started to convert their cars from gasoline to Autogas for the reasons below: Economical: Compared to gasoline fuels like petrol, the LPG system is much cheaper. It consumes more than petrol on a per km basis but in the long run, LPG is a more cost-effective solution that will allow you to travel a far greater distance than conventional CNG. Safer: Autogas has a much lower combustibility range compared to CNG. It also has a much lower pressure of at least 8-10 bars compared to a CNG which has 200 bars. Better engine life: It eliminates cold start problems, increases the lifespan of your engine lubricant and uses a lower carbon compound, resulting in better internal combustion. ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY: Global warming and climate change have become serious issues in today’s world. One major issue is how cars produce excessive carbon dioxide (CO2). However, cars using LPG are much more environment-friendly; CO2 emissions are much lower compared to traditional fuels, as well as other emissions like SOx and NOx CONVENIENT: Converting a car to LPG is more beneficial than converting to CNG, as LPG tanks are much lighter than conventional CNG cylinders, thus increasing your fuel economy; refilling an LPG tank is also much faster than the alternatives. This is why UNIVERSAL LPG is entering the AutoGas sector, with over 500 Auto Gas filling stations throughout the country, as well as conversion centres for facilitating Auto Gas usage and conversion. BULK LPG SOLUTION LPG is one of the most highly efficient and safe forms of energy used in industries all over the world; it not only provides savings on both fuel and maintenance costs for burners, boilers, ovens and furnaces; but the final product is also one of greater uniformity and quality. With our global technical expertise and local experience in converting other fuels (HSD, ND, LNG to LPG), we at UNIVERSAL have evolved into a leading LPG service provider, offering varied solutions for packaging, installation, maintenance, guidance and after-sales service on safety management and JIT (just in time) delivery of LPG. Our technical teams are always ready to provide any kind of technical support solutions with proper development as per your requirements and Bangladesh safety regulations. COMMERCIAL USES LPG has a wide range of cost-effective commercial applications, including but not limited to cooking, cooling equipment, space heaters, boilers and more. On top of being flexible, reliable and affordable, LPG offers considerable economic and environmental benefits over oil, HSD fuel or electricity as well as other forms of fuel; as it provides instant heat, it is ideal for processes that require fast warming ups and cooldowns. INDUSTRIAL INSTALLATION The versatility of UNIVERSAL LPG means that you can use it for heat, light and power whenever you need to. However, beyond this LPG is also used to power a vast range of economic and environmentally responsible machinery in the industrial sector, including but not limited to space- and process- heating, powering industrial ovens, boilers, generators, food production, kilns, furnaces, production of packing material as well as Heat Treatment in industries such as metalwork, ceramic, glass forging, annealing, billets, heating and melting Bitumen, textiles, paper and industrial construction. TURNKEY PROJECT EXECUTION If you are looking for an experienced team to provide a tailor-made, cost-efficient LPG solution, then you can firmly rely on us. With numerous success stories under our belt, UNIVERSAL LPG is a well-preferred LPG expert – from design to installation, commissioning and also maintenance. BENEFITS OF OUR BULK INSTALLATION SERVICES: Complete holistic package - from planning, design & engineering services to commissioning Professional approach, quality workmanship and meticulous timeline Safe practices and provision of excellent safety features. Each stage of the project is integrated with safety starting from materials to execution and commissioning Periodic training of user groups on LPG, safety, operation and maintenance of the said installation PLANT DETAIL UNIVERSAL GAS & GAS CYLINDER LIMITED- UNIT #1 Universal Gas & Gas Cylinder Limited- unit #1 is a bottling plant located in kiachutty, chowddogram, Cumilla. This is the first plant of the company established in the year 2014 and started commercial operation in September 2014. We forayed into this LPG industry to set ‘industry benchmarks’. Being the pioneer, we started with immense responsibilities on our shoulders. We went on a few units to make sure the reach of the product countrywide for our end-users. Function: refuelling of LPG Products: 12 kg, 35 kg & 45 kg LPG cylinder Capacity: 4000 pcs/8 hour shift UNIVERSAL GAS & GAS CYLINDER LIMITED IMPORT TERMINAL- UNIT #2 Being a subsidiary of the country’s one of the most well-revered conglomerates, Universal Gas & Gas Cylinder Limited, since our start in the year 1999, we set a benchmark for Universal LPG. No matter what it takes, we would be the epitome of ‘standard’ and ‘reliability’ for the people and the country. The Barobknda LPG plant has a Storage facility consisting of Two spherical tanks having 3000MT capacity (Proposed another 2000 MT Spherical Tank) And the 23 filling posts of the carousel filling system, 3 Industrial Filling Posts & Road Tanker Filling Bay of the plant have the maximum monthly refilling capacity of the country. No matter what goes on, we stay committed to making our delivery on time. Function: LPG import, storage, bottling & distribution Products: 12 kg, 35 kg, 45 kg LPG cylinders & bulk LPG Capacity: 288 MT /8-hour shift UNIVERSAL GAS & GAS CYLINDER LIMITED CYLINDER MANUFACTURING PLANT Universal Gas & Gas Cylinder Limited set up its cylinder production centre in 2017 and started commercial activities in 2018. UNIVERSAL LP GAS cylinders are best for quality, longevity, safety and accuracy because they are manufactured at a state-of-the-art plant in Cumilla using world-class forming machines, automatic ding lines, heat treatment and state-of-the-art technology. Hydrostatic leak testing unit, and zinc and electrostatic powder coating. The Universal Gas & Gas Cylinder Limited. The plant produces 4 types of LPG cylinders with 3 different capacities: 12kg, 35 kg & 45kg cylinders. The annual production capacity of the plant stands at 350,000 cylinders. The plant is equipped with European machinery of Repkon & stringent to world-class production standards. Universal Gas & Gas Cylinder Limited is the only cylinder manufacturing plant in Bangladesh equipped with European machinery. We offer the highest quality gas cylinders in all sizes and to both LPG operators at home and abroad, complying with customized safety standards for all markets. Function: LPG cylinder production Product: 12kg, 35 kg & 45kg cylinders. Capacity: 1000 pcs / 8 hour shift UNIVERSAL REGIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTRE: UGGCL has set up an RDC in araihazar Upazila, narayanganj in 2020 for faster delivery to distributors. Approx. 2000 cylinders are delivered here every day. Function: Distribution of LPG Cylinder Products: 12 kg, 35 kg & 45kg LPG cylinder Capacity: 2000 pcs/8 hour shift MISSION Our mission is to become the most trusted, admired and leading LPG solutions provider in the energy sector of Bangladesh with smart, innovative & safe products along with best-in-class customer service. VISION We believe that we Bangladeshis deserve more. We believe that everyone's basic needs must be met. Thus, our vision is not only limited to becoming the premiere LPG provider in the country but also to enriching the lives of every LPG user in Bangladesh by ensuring they enjoy the safest, smartest and most convenient LPG solution always. Thus, protecting the environment and saving the valuable natural resources of our nation. VALUES At UNIVERSAL LP GAS, we put customers, employees & the environment at the centre. Continually improving the human resources, customer service, operational excellence, quality and environmental friendliness of LPG solutions are at the core of UNIVERSAL LP GAS values. We are committed to complying with safety, environmental and quality standards at all times.

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